As an annual retreat, my lab group embark on long walks outside of London. This year, we decided to walk along the Seven White Cliffs in Sussex. The Cliffs are situated in the Seven Sister County Park, a short bus journey away from Brighton Beach. We took a train from London King’s X to Brighton, and then a bus journey of over an hour. Although the journey was tiresome to say the least, it was exciting once we arrived at the Park and started to follow the walking trail up and down each cliff.

The cliffs are made of white chalk, and are naturally unstable.

After walking for a while, we took a pit stop to have a picnic for lunch. We had all planned to bring some home-cooked food for lunch; we ended up with an overwhelming selection of food the corners of each continent around the world.

At the end of the final cliff, we reached a platform where we went down to the back to sock up some sun rays and have a well-deserved relax.

I’d highly recommend visiting the Cliffs and doing this walk for those that are able to withstand *some* challenge. Some cliffs were quite steep and the walk up was at times difficult – BUT FUN!

It is nice to escape the hustle and bustle of London, and to retreat to a place where sheep roam around freely around you, grazing on the grass. It is nice to breath fresh unpolluted air. It is nice, not to be frustrated at public transport, and not to be one of millions on the Tube. For this reason, I had a great (short lived) day, and would highly recommend this trail!

– A Y –

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